Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes In 2024

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes In 2024

Searching For A Best WordPress Themes Can Be A Real Struggle. After Exhaustively Investigating And Researching On Different Themes, Most Of Them Were Pretty Useless. Because Of This Reason, My Team Decided To Examine Several WordPress Themes. We Examined Their Characteristics, Their Pros And Cons, And We Spent A Couple Of Weeks To Investigating Different WordPress Themes. Now We Have Narrowed Our List To Top 10 WordPress Themes In 2024, That I Believe You Will Find Really Useful In This Article We Will Dive Into Each WordPress Theme And Provide A Brief Summary Of Each WordPress Theme.

Let’s Take A Look At The Top 10 Best WordPress Themes.

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1. Spectra One Theme

  • Spectra One Theme Is An Excellent Choice For Those Who Are Just Starting To Use The Gutenberg Editor Or Have Always Wanted To Experiment With It, As It Is Designed To Make The Design Process Simpler With The Gutenberg Page Builder. Additionally, The Theme Recommends The Spectra One Plugin For Further Assistance.
  • The Spectra Section Of The Editor Allows You To Enable And Customize Block Extensions Through The Settings. You Can Also Control Performance Integrations, Choose Template Versions, And Access Other Features. When You First Open Up The Editor, You Can Design Your Page With Navigational Styles, Templates, And Patterns. There Are Various Options For The Template And The Blocks Available.
  • Spectra Theme Comes With A List Of Patterns And Styles For You To Customize Your Website. These Include The Post Carousel, Marketing Button, And A Selection Of Other Elements That Can Be Added In The Pattern Section.
  • Spectra One Theme Comes With Some Responsive Settings That Let You Hide Elements For Particular Devices, Just As The Elementor Page Builder Does.
  • It Is Possible To Set Certain Blocks Of Content To Be Sticky While Editing.
  • Developers Who Are Looking For More Specific Options To Modify HTML Elements In The Block Can Explore Other Selections. There Are Several Options To Change The Color Text And Also The Background Of The Block.
  • This Tool Also Presents A Brief Portion Of Topography Where The User Is Able To Alter The Font Size Of The Block As Well As Change The Dimensions Of The Block Settings.

Learning To Use Gutenberg As A Page Builder Can Be A Challenge, But The Spectra One Theme Attempts To Make The Transition Easier For All Users. Unfortunately, There Isn’t A Version Of The Theme That Includes Everything Yet, But There Is An Option To Upgrade The Spectra One Theme Which Gives Access To The Pop-Up Builder Loop Builder And Dynamic Contents.

Spectra One Theme => Verdict- 8/10

2. Ohio Theme

  • The Ohio theme is one of the most creative and modernized WordPress themes on this entire list.
  • It truly shines as something different and creative that you can showcase your projects portfolios or just bring a modern twist to your websites
  • This theme is mainly geared for portfolios and projects but you can pretty much use it for anything like a blog or even at e-commerce websites.
  • The interesting aspect of Ohio Theme is the Creative Design aspect, with seven different menu styles, including a vertical menu. It has all the basic features such as page layouts, logo upload, and more. There is also a theme Builder, where you can assign headers and Footers to each page or category. You can also enable Pre-loader and dark toggle mode, as well as a color mode Switcher that allows you to make the light and dark mode switch to any color of your choice.
  • The Ohio theme also comes with five different blog post layouts, and the left part of the blog can be made sticky. It also contains 20 different modules that you can use to add to your website. Furthermore, there is a custom Elementor Page Builder blog module with over six different styles.
  • The Ohio theme really stands out in the portfolio settings, with various ways to display your portfolio and different design options. It also has a tilt effect drop shadow, which makes the theme even more unique.

Spectra One Theme => Verdict- 8/10

3. Phlox Theme

  • The Phlox Theme Is One Of The Most Underrated WordPress Themes Available On The Market, And When You Install It You Will Be Presented With A Great Dashboard.
  • You Have Access To The Theme Customizer, Plus Tutorials And System Status Checks. There Are Several Template Kits That Can Be Imported With A Single Click, And They Look Great.
  • Additionally, Blocks Can Be Imported Into The Builder Library. The General Tab Allows For Numerous Layouts, Plus You Can Adjust The Typography Of The H1-H5 Tags And Also Pick Animation Styles For Page Loader.
  • You Can Also Add A Pre-Loader With Your Logo. In The Appearance Tab, You Can Edit The Global Colors And Frames. There Are Also Skins For The Video, Audio, And Pagination Elements.
  • There Isn’t A Header Or Photo Builder, But There Is One For Elementor. There Are Also 10 Unique Styles For The Blog Page And Single Post Pages.
  • Extra Options Include A Scroll To Top Button, Breadcrumbs And A Custom 404 Page. There Is Also A Custom Login Page.
  • The Woo Commerce Options Are A Bit Lacking, But They Look Great. Every Page Has Adjustable Header Templates, Title Bar Settings, Background Style, And Sidebar Layouts.
  • The Phlox Theme Is Loaded With Features That Make It Easy To Set Up A Website Quickly. If You Upgrading To The Pro Version You Get More Templates, Header Layouts, And A Modernized Product Page.

Phlox Theme => Verdict- 9/10

4. Astra Theme

  • Astra Theme Is The Top WordPress Theme On WordPress.Org With Over 250 Templates That Can Be Imported With One Click, Making It Ideal For Novices. It Is A Reliable And Fast Lightweight Theme With Good SEO.
  • The Templates Are Compatible With Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg And Brizzy, But Users Need To Turn It On In The General Options To Enable The Brizzy Templates.
  • It Offers A Drag And Drop Header And Footer Builder, Canvas Mode For Creating Custom Headers For Mobile Devices, And The Ability To Add Transparent Menus In The Free Version.
  • The General Options Are Standard, Like Most Themes, With A Topography Option For Up To Six Different Headers And Global Colors To Easily Change The Color Scheme. Additionally, The Button Feature Enables Users To Globally Change All The Buttons On Their Sites. It Also Has Scroll To Top And Spacing For Gutenberg And Smooth Scroll.
  • Astra Has Several Different Container Options For Pages, Posts, Blog Pages, And Archive Pages, And Some Options For The Blog Page And Post Page.
  • Unfortunately, It Lacks In Design, With Only One Blog Layout Available And No Way To Adjust The Image Size In The Free Version.
  • Its E-Commerce Features Are Pretty Basic, With Adjustments Available For The Shop Page And Single Product Page.

Astra Theme => Verdict- 8/10

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5. Divi Theme

  • The Divi Theme Has Been One Of The Most Sought-After WordPress Themes For A While Now, And For Good Justification. It Features Its Own Visual Drag And Drop Page Builder, Making It Simple For Beginners To Use.
  • The Divi Theme Likewise Comes With More Than 1700 Templates, Which Is Simply Amazing.
  • The Pricing Of This Theme Is Also Incredible, Making It A Great Choice For Web Designers In The Industry. After Installation Of Divi, A License Needs To Be Activated For Access To Templates.
  • When You Start To Create A Page, You Can Choose Between Starting From Scratch, Importing A Pre-Made Template Or Cloning A Website. After That, You Select The Number Of Columns You Need, Click The Plus Icon And Select The Module.
  • All Modules Have Three Different Styling Tabs – Content, Design And Advanced. You Can Add In Elements, Customize Them To Your Liking And Keep Including Elements.
  • The Divi Theme Doesn’t Have A Left Sidebar Which Makes It Easier To Get A Visual Representation Of Your Website.
  • Divi Has A Lot Of Features Like Copy And Paste, Find And Replace, Theme Builder, Blog Post Builder, Woo-Commerce Builder, Etc.
  • It Also Comes With Bloom And Monarch Plugins – An Email Capture Form And A Social Sharing Plugin Respectively. With Over 230 Template Kits And 1700 Template Pages, Divi Also Has A Design Initiative.

Divi Theme => Verdict- 10/10

6. Rishi Theme

  • Rishi Theme Includes 25 Starter Templates That Cover Different Topics Such As Agencies, Software Companies, Photography, And Digital Marketing. It Also Has Extensions That Provide Cookie Consent, Reading Progress Bar, And Social Sharing.
  • The Header And Footer Builders Are Intuitive And User Friendly Compared To Astra, And With The Theme Customizer You Can Adjust The General Options, Post Pages, And WordPress Defaults.
  • The Blog And Archive Page Offer Four Different Layouts, And You Can Customize The Page Title, Alignment, And Style. The Theme Supports Up To Six Tags, And There Are Basic SEO Options Like Separators And Breadcrumbs.
  • The Single Post Page Has Features Like A Feature Image That Can Be Adjusted To Different Sizes, And Post Meta And Titles That Can Be Customized.
  • There Is An Affiliate Marketing Template That Is Ready To Go, And The E-Commerce Features Are Pretty Ideal With Layouts Like Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Or Full Width. There Is A Built-In Optimizer With Lazy Load And Exclusions.
  • Overall, Rishi Is A Great WordPress Theme For Anyone Building A Basic Website. The Pro Version Has Additional Features Such As Ad Blocker, Multiple Authors, Sticky Promo, And Affiliate Disclosure.

Rishi Theme => Verdict- 10/10

7. Essentials Theme

  • The Essentials Theme Is Definitely One Of The Most Underrated Themes On This List. We Will Explain Why It Earned A Spot On This List.
  • Upon Installation, You Are Welcomed With A Setup Wizard. You Can Pick Either Elementor Or WP Bakery As Your Page Builder.
  • The Designs Are Modern, Nice, And Look Very Professional. To Start, You Just Need To Choose A Template And Click The Import Button. After A Few Moments, You Will Have A Brand New Website.
  • Next, Let’s Focus On The Theme Options. These May Be Confusing For First-Time Users. On The Left Side, You Can See The Popups, Headers, And Footers Which Is The Theme Builder.
  • You Can Apply Different Headers On Various Pages, Build A Custom Header, And Create A Custom Popup. Under The Import Demo Section, There Are Numerous Popups, Mega Menus, Portfolios, Woocommerce Products, And More.
  • The Essentials Theme Also Contains More Than 30 Different Design Elements, All Of Which Have Styling Options.
  • Moving On, The Theme Options Allow You To Do The Basic WordPress Themes, Such As General Requirements, Sidebars, And Cookie Consents. You Can Also Create A Custom 404 Page And Display A Banner.
  • If You Are Interested In Blogs, The Theme Offers Various Post Styles And Post Layouts. There Is Also Great Support For Portfolios And Ecommerce Websites With Five Different Product Styles.

Essentials Theme => Verdict- 10/10

8. Hello Elementor Theme + Brizy Page Builder

  • The Hello Elementor Theme Is A Great Starting Point For The Brizy Page Builder – It Functions Like A Blank Canvas.
  • Brizy Is One Of The Most User-Friendly Page Builders For WordPress, With A Variety Of Blocks For Creating Websites. When You First Install Brizy, All You Need To Do Is Create A New Page And You Can Start Inserting Blocks.
  • There Are Two Color Schemes To Choose From- Light And Dark. Each Element Can Be Designed, Styled And Updated. Furthermore, Custom Headers And Footers Can Be Created.
  • In The Free Version, You Need To Make A Row ‘Global’ In Order To Add It To Every Page.
  • The Pro Version Offers More Options, Such As The Ability To Set Conditions For The Entire Website. Reordering Blocks Is Also Possible, As Well As Changing The Styling Of The Website.
  • Additionally, There Are A Number Of Other Options, Such As A Role Manager, Maintenance Mode And The Ability To Save Templates.

In Combination Preview-Hello Elementor => Verdict- 7 /10 And Brizy Page Builder=>8/10

9. Blocksy Theme

  • The Blocksy Theme Is A Great Multi-Purpose Option For Any Type Of Website. It Works With Page Builders Like Elementor And Gutenberg And Comes With Its Own Companion To Give You Access To Starter Sites, Extensions, And Other Plugins.
  • It Also Provides A Variety Of Templates For Different Page Builders, As Well As A Dark Mode And The Ability To Customize Buttons In The Free Version.
  • Blocksy Them Has A Header Builder With Customizable Elements, And A Website Frame That Allows You To Adjust Colors.
  • Additionally, The Blogging Features Are Impressive With A Wide Array Of Post Types, Layouts, And Title Styles.
  • It Also Has A Unique Author Page And Features For Affiliate Marketing. As For The E-Commerce Options, There Are Several Product Page Styles, As Well As A Login Page For Customers.

Blocksy Theme => Verdict- 10/10

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10. Royal Elementor Kit

  • If You’re Someone Who Enjoys Using The Elementor Page Builder, Then Royal Elementor Kit Theme Might Be The Right One For You. This Theme Is Totally Devoted To Elementor, They Don’t Have Any Other Theme Customization Choices Except For The Fundamental Defaults.
  • When You Install The Theme, You Will Be Prompted To Install Their Plugin, The Royal Elementor Add-On Plugin. This Will Give You Access To All The Features And It Will Also Integrate With The Theme.
  • With The Royal Elementor Kit You Get 50 Plus New Elements For The Elementor Page Builder. Some Of These Are Available In The Pro Version Of Elementor And Some Are Unique, Like An Instagram Feed Or Image Hotspot.
  • In The Style Area, You Can Add Particles And Parallax To Every Background. This Enables You To Make Special Landing Pages. In The Advanced Tab, You Can Make Any Element Sticky And You Can Utilize Custom CSS Using The Royal Add-Ons Plugin.
  • What Makes This Theme Stand Out Is Their Custom Theme Builder. Here, You Can Make Custom Headers, Footers, Archive Pages, Single Post Pages, Product Pages, And Shop Pages, All Using The Free Theme Builder. If You Need Particular Conditions For Each Section, You Will Need To Upgrade To The Pro Version.
  • The Pro Version Has More Than 90 Plus Elements For The.

Royal Elementor Kit Theme => Verdict- 8/10

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