10 Billionaires Habits To Improve Your Life

10 Billionaires Habits To Improve Your Life

In this article we are sharing You a 10 Billionaires Habits to unlock what we call your “quick brain”. These are the 10 things scientifically proven to help you be faster, smarter and better to optimize your brain health and your fitness.

I would like to ask those who are reading this article to evaluate themselves on a scale of 0 to 10 regarding how well they are doing in a particular area, such as their eating habits or exercise routine. Once you do this, you will realize that everyone is searching for a magical solution. However, there is no magical pill for memory enhancement. Instead, there are various processes and techniques that can improve memory.

It is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To achieve optimal results, one must incorporate all of these practices because they are the key focal points. This concept aligns with the 80/20 rule, where 20% of your efforts yield 80% of the results and rewards. Let’s dive into the 10 Billionaires Habits for unlocking the full potential of your quick brain.

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Good Brain Food

Your body and brain represent what you eat, what you eat matters especially to your gray matter there are certain foods that are really good for your brain and you probably most eat these foods on daily basis.

There are 10 of them (Avocado, Blueberries, Broccoli, Coconut Oil, Eggs, Green Leafy Vegetables, Salmon, Turmeric, Walnuts And Dark Chocolate) that I recommend and so they’re really excellent they’re very Neuro-protective and such including dark chocolate.

It’s good what’s good for your mood is generally good for your mind but so a good brain diet is number one so just break your cell phone scale zero to ten how good is your diet all right.

Killing Ants

Automatic negative thoughts your self-talk and so what I would recommend people 0 to 10 how does that feel how well are you doing and not only that but you know maybe going on it on a little faster cleanse like we cleanse the food we eat and things we put in our body but what about the thoughts that we’re putting in our out of these 30 days if you know negative thoughts I mean one day or not complaining or something like that bland you know because it’s just again you know people get so addicted to these things like you know complaining and whatever you’re rehearsing you’re just you’re really rewiring your brain to get more of that it’s not Law of Attraction there’s a law of action that’s going on you know that makes it because all behaviors belief driven and so you’re wiring your brains really rehearsing those things that’s why they say that the fearful person dies a thousand times like a coward dies a thousand times in their mind you know and non-count like a brave person dies just once because every time you’re rehearsing oh I’m scared of public speaking you do it over and over again not only do you get the fear of it every single time because your imagination your mind doesn’t know the difference between something vividly imagine and something that’s real literally if you were if you would have put on a brain sensing device the same parts our brain that would light up if the dog walked in just you see what parts your brain lights up and if you imagine that’s all walking in the same exact part – brain will light up so the mind doesn’t know the difference it’s the most powerful tool you have your imagination you know our thoughts our things and improve you know activating our imagination so you know don’t do it to rehearse your fears and the things that are negative right only have thoughts of things that you want to come and it really happen.


The benefits of exercise for the brain refer to the positive impact that physical activity has on cognitive function and mental well-being. Participating in regular exercise has been proven to enhance various brain functions, including memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities. It also stimulates the release of chemicals in the brain that improve mood and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. For example, research has revealed that aerobic exercises like jogging or cycling can increase the size of the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with memory and learning. Furthermore, resistance training such as weightlifting has been connected to enhance executive function and processing speed. In summary, exercise serves as a powerful tool for maintaining and boosting brain health.

Brain Nutrients

Omega 3, DHA, the ginkgo biloba, vitamin B, B12S. this is a subject that comes up because you know a lot of people travel they fast food lifestyles and you know but maybe they’re lacking a certain supplements and what I would say is you know I’m not a nutritionist I’m not anything that ends on an East but go to a doctor good functional medicine doctor you have a blood test and I say I say the same thing for diet when people say what’s the best you know to do food sensitivity tests see what your blood says you know red yellow green you know red stay away from yellow you know sparingly green and see how you flourish on it afterwards right and then test it but same thing with nutrient profile you can see what you’re deficient is or if you’re low on B vitamins if you’re low on DHA then you’re going to have cognitive issues.

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Positive Your Group

We know who you spend time with is who you become because and it’s not just a positive thinking you know affirmation quote literally you have mirror neurons and your mirror neurons in your nervous system is when you could watch a sport or watch a movie you could feel what they feel it’s what is where you have empathy for other people we’re always imitating people right and so who you spend time with this who you become because you’re imitating their habits their behaviors their thought patterns and everything so that’s why they say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with right if you’re around nine broke people you’re going to be the tenth right like you hear these things all the time but there’s an it’s not just your biological networks or your neurological networks analyze your social networks right because whether or not you smoke has less to do with your neurological networks and more to do whether or not your friends smoke it’s going to have more of an influence.

Clean Environment

We know a clean environment is good for your brain at an anecdotal level you know when you clean your desk or you clean your laptop off you know you have clarity of thought right but I don’t just mean that I mean clean air clean water because there’s a lot of pollutants that’s you know that’s not good for your cognition.


This is a big one for so many people sleep is so important for your brain for three reasons number ones where you consolidate short to long-term memory everyone who pulled an all-nighter back in the university that hurt you because you need that sleep number two it’s where you clean out the plaque that can lead to brain aging challenges and that that’s what ails research is saying in terms of we need to see dementia and such and then the third reason is because when you dream and here’s the thing you’re like what does it have to do with anything Jim it’s like you don’t know how many amazing ideas and invention literature works of art came in dream states like did you know like I mentioned Mary Shelley you know here in London Frankenstein came to her in a dream you know Paul McCartney came up with yesterday in his dream you know like a chemist came up with a periodic table in his dream Elias Howe created the sewing machine in this dream right like what are you dreaming about late at night because when you are working all day and you’re learning all day your brain doesn’t shut off at night at night it’s more active people don’t realize that you think it’s just not happening it’s actually more active and it’s coming up with solutions it’s integrating stuff in the form of dreams.

Brain Protection

We work with a lot of athletes high performer athletes concussions are a big deal yeah right and you know and I’ve had a number of TBI is you know traumatic brain injuries but not just that you know I did a whole episode on electromagnetic fields like people don’t realize that the like our smart devices like you like our brains didn’t really have ought to have like these the all this electricity like right by our brains you know and I read recently that 90% of kids sleep with their phones underneath their pillows I mean who knows the effect that’s at some federal voice protect your brain wear a helmet.

New Learnings

The neurogenesis in neuro-plasticity means neurogenesis you could create new brain cells the day you die science never thought that neuroplasticity is saying you could create new connections the way to improve neurogenesis neuroplasticity two things novelty and nutrition just like when you’re an athlete just like training your body you give a novelty or stimulus and then you feed it with nutrition right and so that’s how you build your mental muscles.

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Stress Management

Stress management meaning people don’t realize it because it’s invisible but it’s like you don’t realize how much stress you’re under until you’re on vacation are you getting a massage you don’t realize because it’s all there all the times like the fish that they don’t see the water because it’s there all the time so what are we doing to cope film you know meditation relaxation massage yoga whatever it is gets of stress.

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