5 Important Business Lessons From Virat Kohli

5 Important Business Lessons From Virat Kohli

When we think Business and Virat Kohli, we think passion, we think aggression and we think intensity, but in this article we are not going to talk about these things that are very evident from who Virat Kohli is.

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We are going to go a little deeper and we are going to break down the psychology of the man, the decisions he makes and what you and I as business owners can learn from his journey that can be very relevant to our journey of growing our businesses.

As cricket lovers we all have seen our great cricketers endorse soft drink Brands like Pepsi, thumbs up, Coca-Cola and then came this young cricketer who was starting to grow. in his career and was looked at as the future of Indian cricket who refused to endorse any of these soft drinks, because he understood his responsibility as an upcoming icon. Some of this 5 important business lessons we learn from virat kohli areas.

Lesson 01-Be Authentic

the lesson of standing up for what we truly believe in. he is one of the first and probably only in the generation when he said no to endorsing any of these soft drink Brands because he believed, it’s his responsibility as a cricketer as an upcoming icon to not end or something that is not going to serve the health of his audience.

this according to us was the great Hallmark of the beginning of the iconic status that Virat Kohli went on to gain, because think about it, the money that cricketers earn on brand endorsements is massive but very early in his career Virat made a decision and said no to that money.

His concept tells you that here is a man who knows his responsibility as an upcoming icon, that tells you here is a man who believes in his principles, his values and will never put his name against something that he does not consume and he believes is not for the best interest of his audience.

Ask ourselves as business owners this question,” where are we not being authentic in our journey?”

sometimes we have seen business owners who carry a certain kind of value system but compromise on that value system, be it with a customer who’s demanding a kickback or a commission or beat with a team member who they know is lying cheating or stealing but because he’s in an important position they don’t really make decisions in alignment with their own values and they end up compromising and allowing their business to be hijacked by something that is not in alignment with who they truly are.

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Lesson 02-Take Responsibility

Virat Kohli is a man who takes responsibilities for his flaws. here’s a man who’s willing to make changes when he realizes that something is not going to serve him and his passion for the game. I mean if you look at it you look at the early days of Virat Kohli there was a chubby plumpy boy with spiked hair almost like this party animal bad boy image where you would know and see through this character saying this guy just loves his drink, his dancing and his party but then there came a stage in his career where Virat Kohli became the embodiment of work ethic and discipline.

in fact, in some of his interviews he’s also acknowledged that at one point of time when he stood shirtless in front of the mirror and he saw some fat around his belly, he said “if I want to be the greatest player of all time, I cannot be this, I cannot look at this person, I cannot myself respect this person”.

From there on began the massive transformation of the fitness icon that we all see which Virat Kohli is. the work ethic he puts in the nutrition and diet he stands for the man is the hardest working man in the room and you can see through that and we believe as a business owner, when you take on that kind of work ethic, that kind of intensity, that kind of discipline and become the hardest working man in the room, you are bound to see the fruits of that hard work and you’re bound to make that hard work a part and parcel of who you truly are.

it’s not something that you got to remind yourself to do, it’s not something you’ve got to inspire yourself to do, it’s not something you need to motivate yourself to do, it is who you are by default.

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Lesson 03-Be A Finitiator

This is an important term for all of us as business owners to imbibe in our vocabulary as well. think about it as business owners we love initiating new ideas, we love initiating new processes, we love initiating new initiatives in our businesses but at the end of the day results happen only when you finitiate something, not just because you initiated something.

There is no better person on the planet to learn the lesson of being a finitiator from, it is the one and only Virat Kohli.

Here’s a man who entered in cricket and took on the Baton from Legends likes Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar. Legend like Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly in terms of holding the batting order of the cricket team.

Now when you are taking on the Baton from someone like a Sachin Tendulkar you got to ask yourself “how will I make my place in history?” and Virat Kohli made his place in history by being the man who you can count upon when it comes to finishing a run Chase.

for the longest time the Indian batting order was known as chokers where the moment Sachin Tenulkar’s Wicket Falls everybody else would collapse and when it comes to run chases we would not be a team that would be confident about ourselves when we got onto the field.

But when Virat Kohli started his journey and started registering those hundreds and those 50s as a run Chaser India’s Paradigm shifted and today you look at the Indian cricket team as one of the strongest chasing teams in the world.

thanks to one man whose average stays above 60 in Odis when it comes to run chases and India’s winning probability is way higher every time Virat Kohli scores a century or a 50 during a run chase, that we believe is a great Hallmark of a cricketer who can look at his goal, who can look at the result he has to achieve and stay calm and take his team through the Finish Line.

It’s an important lesson for us as business owners who initiate so many ideas and processes but don’t take it to the Finish Line.

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Lesson 04-Have A Healthy Ego

for most of us as business owners especially 1st generation entrepreneurs we struggle with a lot of self-doubt, we struggle with a lot of apprehension about whether we are made for Success, whether we are made for great things or not even though we are capable, even though we have great products or Services.

I have seen business owners who under charge and undersell themselves because they undervalue themselves and they fall into this trap because they carry low self-worth about who they are and what they deserve.

but he has a man who changed the way the world looks at India and the world looks at Indian cricket, We mean, we remember a time growing up watching test matches overseas.

Virat Kohli who through his attitude, through his way of being, through his healthy ego backed himself showed aggression on the field and today India has looked at as one of the most intimidating sides whether it’s playing at home or overseas.

Now think about it it’s one man and his belief in himself, his healthy ego that has transformed the way an entire team looks at themselves and has transformed the way the entire world looks at a team.

The question you need to ask yourself is this, “where are you undervaluing yourself? “and where can you channelize the aggression, the intensity and the energy of Virat Kohli and have that healthy ego not from the point of view of putting somebody else down but from the point of your backing yourself up, backing your capabilities up, backing your own value up.

Think about it “if you don’t value yourself, the world will not value you”.

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Lesson 05-Business Is A Part Of Your Life

All of us can learn from Virat Kohli as business owners, We think one of the biggest Paradigm shifts that Virat Kohli has brought about when it comes to the life of cricketers, that he’s been Unapologetic about the fact said “that his work is a part of his life, his work is not his life”.

Now many a times he’s been criticized for the fact that his wife is in the stands or she’s traveling with him for tours but I believe that sends a strong statement, it sends a message out that Hey listen my family deserves my time as well and I am here on National Duty performing and delivering results.

We think this is an important statement, especially when the world has over glorified the fact that one has to be completely immersed in their work and not care about other areas of their life or if one has to achieve greatness and success they should disconnect from everything else and only obsess about that work.

which we think is a very unfair Paradigm on the lives of the family members, of that performer, of that business owner, of that athlete or whatever field you take it in, but Virat Kohli is very clear “my work is a part of my life, it is not my life”.

when an icon makes those choices, when you see him living a life beyond the field of cricket with his spouse, with his daughter, that’s when you realize that here’s a man who understands his priorities who does what he does best on the field but also provides his best off the field.

Which is something that I see many business owners fail to do, many business owners use their business as an excuse to not take responsibility in other areas of their life, beat their health or their relationships.

but when an icon like Virat Kohli can do it, we believe you and us can take that responsibility and reflect on our own choices and not use the path of escapism using our business as an excuse but rather take absolute responsibility for all the roles that we have to play and make sure that we live a life of clarity and balance.

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  • Virat Kohli is an icon not just because of what he does for the cricket team on the field but he’s also an icon because of what he stands for even outside the field when it comes to his family.
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