Marcus Aurelius' Life Lessons Mankind Doesn't Learn Early Enough

Marcus Aurelius Life Lessons Mankind Doesn’t Learn Early Enough


Marcus Aurelius, Who Ruled From 161 To 180 AD. He Is Recognized As One Of The Preeminent Stoic Philosophers And The Last Of The “Five Good Emperors.” His Rule Was Distinguished By Stability And Justice, Even As He Encountered Wars And Pandemics. He Wrote Extensively On Ethics, Staying Resilient, And The Search For Inner Tranquility, Which He Documented In His Famous Book “Meditations.” His Quotes Still Provides Profound Lessons About Life, Leadership, And The Human Experience And Continues To Be An Inspiration For Those Seeking Knowledge And Direction In Their Lives.

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  • The Soul Becomes Dyed With The Color Of Its Thoughts.
  • It Is Not Death That A Man Should Fear, But He Should Fear Never Beginning To Live.
  • Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.
  • Accept The Things To Which Fate Binds You, And Love The People With Whom Fate Brings You Together, But Do So With All Your Heart.
  • The Object Of Life Is Not To Be On The Side Of The Majority, But To Escape Finding Oneself In The Ranks Of The Insane.
  • Never Let The Future Disturb You. You Will Meet It, If You Have To, With The Same Weapons Of Reason Which Today Arm You Against The Present.
  • Reject Your Sense Of Injury And The Injury Itself Disappears.
  • Nowhere Can Man Find A Quieter Or More Untroubled Retreat Than In His Own Soul.
  • Very Little Is Needed To Make A Happy Life; It Is All Within Yourself, In Your Way Of Thinking.
  • The Best Revenge Is To Be Unlike Him Who Performed The Injury.
  • When You Arise In The Morning, Think Of What A Precious Privilege It Is To Be Alive – To Breathe, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love.
  • You Have Power Over Your Mind – Not Outside Events. Realize This, And You Will Find Strength.
  • Nothing Happens To Any Man That He Is Not Formed By Nature To Bear.
  • Nothing Has Such Power To Broaden The Mind As The Ability To Investigate Systematically And Truly All That Comes Under Thy Observation In Life.
  • A Man’s Worth Is No Greater Than His Ambitions.
  • If It Is Not Right Do Not Do It; If It Is Not True Do Not Say It.

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  • The Universal Order And The Personal Order Are Nothing But Different Expressions And Manifestations Of A Common Underlying Principle.
  • Loss Is Nothing Else But Change, And Change Is Nature’s Delight.
  • Life Is Neither Good Or Evil, But Only A Place For Good Nor Evil.
  • Waste No More Time Arguing About What A Good Man Should Be. Be One.
  • He Who Lives In Harmony With Himself Lives In Harmony With The Universe.
  • How Much More Grievous Are The Consequences Of Anger Than The Causes Of It.
  • That Which Is Not Good For The Bee-Hive Cannot Be Good For The Bees.
  • The Only Wealth Which You Will Keep Forever Is The Wealth You Have Given Away.
  • Look Back Over The Past, With Its Changing Empires That Rose And Fell, And You Can Foresee The Future, Too.

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