Ancient Pythagoras Quotes Men Learn Too Late In Life

Ancient Pythagoras Quotes-Men Learn Too Late In Life

  • A Man Is Never As Big As When He Is On His Knees To Help A Child.
  • A Fool Is Known By His Speech, And A Wise Man By Silence.
  • Never Trust A Friend Who Speaks Badly Of His Comrades.
  • Silence Is Better Than Unmeaning Words.
  • Whatever They Think Of You, Do What You Think Is Fair.
  • If You Cannot Have A Faithful Friend, Be Your Own Friend.
  • Choose Rather To Be Strong Of Soul Than Strong Of Body.
  • Friends Are The Companions On A Journey, Who Ought To Aid Each Other To Persevere On The Road To A Happier Life.

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  • Choose Always The Way That Seems The Best, However Rough It May Be, Custom Will Soon Render It Easy And Agreeable.
  • Sobriety Is The Strength Of The Soul, For It Preserves Its Reason Unclouded By Passion.
  • Let No One Persuade You By Word Or Deed To Do Or Say Whatever Is Not Best For You.
  • Be Silent Or Let Thy Word Be Worth More Than Silence.
  • The Oldest, Shortest Words: ‘Yes’ And ‘No’, Are Those Which Require The Most Thought.
  • Do Not Chase After Happiness, It Is Always In You.
  • You Should Make Great Things, Not Promising Great Things.
  • Anger Begins In Folly, And Ends In Repentance.
  • Be Equally Indifferent To Blame And Praise.
  • Do Not Look Back When Leaving.

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  • As Soon As Laws Are Necessary For Men, They Are No Longer Fit For Freedom.
  • A Blow From Your Friend Is Better Than A Kiss From Your Enemy.
  • Don’t Judge Your Greatness By Your Shadow At Sunset.
  • It Is Difficult To Walk At One And The Same Time Many Paths Of Life.
  • As Soon As You Awake, In Order Lay The Actions To Be Done The Coming Day.
  • Legislation Should Be The Voice Of Reason, And The Judge Should Be The Voice Of The Law.
  • Salt Is Born Of The Purest Parents: The Sun And The Sea.

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  • If You Can Become An Eagle, Do Not Strive To Become The First Among The Jackdaws.
  • Declining From The Public Ways, Walking In Unfrequented Paths.
  • A Person Who Is Captured By His Passions Cannot Be Free.
  • Practice Justice In Word And Deed, And Do Not Get In The Habit Of Acting Thoughtlessly About Anything.
  • He Who Sows The Seeds Of Murder And Pain Will Not Reap Joy And Love.
  • Number Rules The Universe.
  • No One Is Free Who Has Not Obtained The Empire Of Himself, No Man Is Free Who Cannot Command Himself.
  • Educate The Children And It Won’t Be Necessary To Punish The Men.
  • Do Not Say A Little In Many Words, But A Great Deal In A Few!

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  • Rest Satisfied With Doing Well, And Leave Others To Talk Of You As They Please.
  • In Anger We Should Refrain Both From Speech And Action.
  • Above The Cloud With Its Shadow Is The Star With Its Light. Above All Things Reverence Themselves.
  • Wisdom Thoroughly Learned Will Never Be Forgotten.
  • Don’t Try To Cover Your Mistakes With False Word. Rather, Correct Your Mistakes With Examination.
  • Most Men And Women, By Birth Or Nature, Lack The Means To Advance In Wealth And Power, But All Have The Ability To Advance In Knowledge.

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