Top 5 High Paying Entry Level Tech Jobs In 2024-Without Coding

Top 5 High Paying Entry Level Tech Jobs In 2024-Without Coding

In tech jobs field, every year thousands of people die inside from boring, dead in low paid mind-numbingly soulless job, but a few of them managed to break free and enter the high pay world of tech by Landing one of these 5 entry level tech jobs without any coding skills

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So one of these possibly be the best, non-coding tech job for you let’s start by grouping Tech workers into 2 broad categories. Some people are “makers” and some people are “managers”


1. UX Designer

Let’s start with the story of experience tech employee, “Jack (employee), his strengths are communication, empathy, team work and critical thinking, before working at YouTube. He had a dead-end job as a sales associate but he was naturally good at understanding his customer’s needs. His friendliness made customers feel good about their buying decisions.”

His job at YouTube is similar but way better, as a UX Designer his job is the art of making the customer Journey as smooth as possible.

One of the reasons you use YouTube is that you’re always able to find something you want to watch and it’s enjoyable, that’s what UX design is all about.

Making sure that using a product or service is easy and leaves people feeling good. So how does Jack do it?

  • Well he does it by understanding what you want and then creating designs that make it happen.
  • He blends together research, creative thinking and technical skills to build a seamless experience.
  • He uses critical thinking skills to figure out how to make things work perfectly.

Same as jack done in his career, you can also try his ideas in your teach job.

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2. Data Analyst

Arthur (another employee) used to work in logistics for a trucking company, he hated the environment but was skilled at analyzing information and helping Logistics planners design better routes.

Arthur, now applies the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, analytical and curiosity to help Jack design great experiences at YouTube. Arthur uses tools like heat maps and click tracking to understand how people use YouTube.

Andre helps Jack to set up A-B Test a method for comparing 2 different versions of YouTube features.

He gathers this data, identifies Trends and presents his findings to Michelle in the form of graphs, charts and reports. This information helps Jack to make design decisions based on Data.

3. Technical Writer

Before YouTube can roll out new features team need to create user documentation and helpful guides this leads us to our third job, technical writer.

Sophia (employee) loves to learn and she is a very curious person, Sophia is particularly good at taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand for everyone.

These skills served her well in her previous job as a school teacher, although teaching wasn’t for her. The process of becoming a school teacher gave her experience in researching and interviewing.

Now she uses the same skills to research and gather technical information from experts, Sophia Works alongside Jack to document upcoming changes to YouTube’s algorithm in preparation for the upcoming feature update.

  • So, we’ve covered 3 entry-level “maker” roles now let’s dive into the 2 entry-level “manager” roles.

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4. System Admin

Jacob (another employee) is a team player, he’s a good communicator, team manager, critical thinker and he’s particularly good at coming up with Creative Solutions to solve problems.

He honed those skills by working as a customer support representative for a large Insurance Agency the job had no upward Mobility but Jacob was good at resolving customer complaints by developing good working relationships across different departments.

Today at YouTube Jacob is assistant administrator and helps with the support and maintenance of a technical infrastructure of YouTube’s platform.

Jacob supports Arthur and Jack on this project by helping them leverage YouTube’s user Behavior analytics tools. He helps them plan and configure their A-B Test by granting them the correct permissions and troubleshooting any issues.

Jamal is resourceful he taught himself Windows, Linux and Mac systems. He also taught him some scripting to automate some of his work.

5. Cyber Security

Harry (another employee) is a cyber-security professional and he’s an extremely analytical person. He trained as an accountant and is good at spotting when something is off with the numbers.

At YouTube Harry most spends his time providing security, awareness training. On this project Harry has been assigned to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential security vulnerabilities. Once the assessment is complete Harry works with Jacob to implement appropriate mitigation strategies to minimize risk.

  • So, now that you know what the top 5 jobs are to break into Tech how do you do it?

The most popular pathway into Tech these days are boot camps, but boot camps demand Focus, resilience and determination.

You’ll be pushed to your limits racing to absorb a massive amount of information and a short span of Time. Online courses while they offer flexibility, the challenge lies in maintaining self-discipline.

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You can waste a lot of time and money by not completing online courses. Plus learning online requires self-motivation and time management. Balancing these courses with existing commitments can feel like juggling and sometimes you will drop the ball.

Once you’ve gathered the skills the Quest for work experience begins, but the reality is that acquiring the necessary skills to be competitive can feel like trying to open a locked door with a handful of keys.

Change is not easy it’s a gradual transition that requires dedication and perseverance whether you’re looking to conquer Tech boot camps, Master online courses or conquer the daunting tasks of gaining work experience, this article is your compass.

  • We aim to empower you with knowledge inspire you with stories of those who have already made the shift and provide you with the actionable steps. If this article is useful then share to your family and friends and revisit our website to get more helpful information for your life.

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