Sigmund Freud Quotes

Life lessons We learned from Sigmund Freud

  • The Profound Obscurity Of The Background Of Our Ignorance Is Scarcely Illuminated By A Few Glimmers Of Insight.
  • The First Human Who Hurled An Insult Instead Of A Stone Was The Founder Of Civilization.
  • People Are More Moral Than They Think And Far More Immoral Than They Can Imagine.
  • Envy Is Destructive, Don’t Be Tempted By It, Live By Your Own Rules.
  • The First Indication Of Stupidity Is A Complete Lack Of Shame.
  • We Are So Made That We Can Only Derive Intense Enjoyment From A Contrast And Only Very Little From A State Of Things.
  • The Scope Of One’s Personality Is Defined By The Magnitude Of That Problem Which Is Capable Of Driving A Person Out Of His Wits.
  • Masturbation Is One Of The Primary Abodes, The Primary Addiction. Subsequent Addictions Alcohol, Tobacco, Morphine Are Only Its Substitutes.
  • We Are Never As Defenseless As When We Love And Never So Helplessly Unhappy As When We Lose The Object Of Love Or His Love.
  • A Woman Should Soften But Not Weaken A Man.
  • The Secret Of The Human Soul Lies In The Psychic Dramas Of Childhood, Get To The Bottom Of These Dramas And Healing Will Come.
  • Limitation In The Possibility Of Enjoyment Raises The Value Of The Enjoyment.
  • Out Of Your Vulnerabilities Will Come Your Strength?
  • Nothing Is Past The Unconscious.
  • A Woman Will Never Want Sex With A Man Who Doesn’t Get Her Hints.

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  • If A Woman No Longer Wants Sex It’s A Sign That Soon She May Start Questioning Her Emotional Connection With Her Male Partner Reflecting On Unfulfilled Needs Or Unresolved Issues In The Relationship.
  • Experience Teaches Us That The World Is Not A Nursery.
  • Originally The Ego Includes Everything, Later It Detaches From Itself The External World.
  • Only The Complete Absence Of Sex Can Be Considered A Sexual Deviation, Everything Else Is A Matter Of Taste.
  • A Father’s Death Is The Most Important Event, The More Heartbreaking And Poignant Loss In A Man’s Life.
  • Before You Diagnose Yourself With Depression Or Low Self-Esteem, First Make Sure That You Are Not, In Fact, Just Surrounded By Assholes.
  • The Only Shame In Masturbation Is The Shame Of Not Doing It Well.
  • The More Perfect A Person Is On The Outside, The More Demons They Have On The Inside.
  • One Day, In Retrospect, The Years Of Struggle Will Strike You As The Most Beautiful.
  • Unexpected Emotions Will Never Die. They Are Buried Alive And Will Come Forth Later In Uglier Ways.
  • In The Small Matters, Trust The Mind And The Large Ones, The Heart.
  • Most People Do Not Really Want Freedom, Because Freedom Involves Responsibility And Most People Are Frightened Of Responsibility.
  • Nothing Costs So Much In Life As Illness And Ignoring An Illness.
  • It Is An Honor To Have Plenty Of Enemies.
  • Happiness Is A Child’s Dream Fulfilled In Maturity.

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  • We Do Not Randomly Choose Each Other, We Meet Only Those Who Already Exist In Our Subconscious.
  • You Do Not Stop Looking For Strength And Confidence Outside, But You Should Look Inside Yourself. They Have Always Has Been There.
  • A Busy Man Is Seldom Visited By Idle Friends, No Flies Fly To A Boiling Pot.
  • Maturity Is The Ability To Postpone Gratification.
  • A Man Is Sometimes More Generous When He Has Little Money Than When He Has Much Perhaps To Keep From Thinking He Has None At All.
  • History Is Just New People Making Old Mistakes.
  • The Most Important Part Of Your Life Is To Understand Yourself From The Inside.
  • We Adults Don’t Understand Children Because We Don’t Understand Our Own Childhood Anymore.
  • From Error To Error, One Discovers The Entire Truth.
  • A Joke Is The Shortest Way From One Person To Another.
  • A Man Should Not Strive To Eliminate His Complexes But To Get Into Accord With Them, They Are Legitimately What Directs His Conduct In The World.
  • Friendship Is An Art Of Keeping Distance While Love Is An Art Of Intimacy.
  • He Who Knows How To Wait Need, Make No Concessions.
  • Human’s Intrinsic Nature Manifests In Its Misunderstandings.
  • Every Normal Person Is Really Only Partly Normal.

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  • The Best Fights Are The Ones We Don’t Fight.
  • The Only Person With Whom You Have To Compare Ourselves Is That You In The Past And The Only Person Better You Should Be, This Is Who You Are Now.
  • Dreams Are Never Concerned With Trivia.
  • The Ego Is Not Master In Its Own House.
  • Conscience Is The Internal Perception Of The Rejection Of A Particular Wish Operating In Us.
  • The Weakness Of My Position Does Not Imply A Strengthening Of Yours.
  • Recognizing A Problem Is Half The Success In Solving It.
  • Being Entirely Honest With Oneself Is A Good Exercise.
  • How Bold One Gets When One Is Sure Of Being Loved.
  • The Voice Of The Intellect Is Quiet But It Never Tires Of Repeating And Listeners Are Found.
  • Rather Than Living Our Lives, We Are Lived By Unknown And Uncontrollable Forces.
  • Love In The Form Of Longing And Deprivation Lowers The Self-Regard.
  • We Seek More To Take Suffering Away From Ourselves Than To Gain Pleasure.
  • The Mind Is Like An Iceberg, It Floats With One-Seventh Of Its Bulk Above Water.
  • Those Who Have Eyes To See And Ears To Hear Will Soon Convince Themselves That Mortals Cannot Hide Any Secret.

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  • The Energetic And Successful Man Is The One Who Succeeds In Transforming The Fantasies Of Desire Into Reality.
  • Thought Is Action In Rehearsal.
  • The Virtuous Man Contents Himself With Dreaming That Which The Wicked Man Does An Actual Life.
  • Perfect Eternal Hate Purified Love Exists Only Between The Addict And The Drug.
  • Words Call Forth Effects And Are The Universal Means Of Influencing Human Beings.
  • Dogs Love Their Friends And Bite Their Enemies Quite Unlike People Who Are Incapable Of Pure Love And Always Have To Mix Love And Hate.
  • Love And Work, Work And Love That’s All There Is.
  • Public Self Is A Conditioned Construct Of The Inner Psychological Self.
  • There Is No Need In Childhood As Strong As The Need For A Father’s Protection.
  • We Are What We Are Because We Have Been What We Have Been.
  • A Woman Who Lacks Sex Begins To Talk More About Sex, Who Lacks Sex Speaks About Sex. Hungry Talks About Food, A Person Who Has No Money About Money And Our Oligarchs And Bankers Talk About Morality.
  • Dreams Are Often Most Profound When They Seem The Most Crazy.
  • No One Who Shares A Delusion Ever Recognizes It As Such.
  • Civilized Society Is Perpetually Menaced With Disintegration Through This Primary Hostility Of Men Towards One Another.

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  • Nothing That Is Mentally Our Own Can Never Be Lost.
  • With Words One Man Can Make Another Blessed Or Drive Him To Despair.
  • Everyone Owes Nature A Death.
  • If Youth Knew If Age Could.
  • Every Man Must Find Out For Himself In What Particular Fashion He Can Be Saved.
  • We Enter The World With Loneliness And Lonely Leave It.

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