7 Signs You Are Going To Be A Millionaire

7 Signs You Are Going To Be A Millionaire

Almost every one remember leaving school at 16 without a penny in our pocket. We were struggling day to day to pay my bills and falling deeper and deeper into debt. We was earning less than two dollars an hour working day and night just to make ends meet.

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We wanted to be a millionaire so badly but felt like it was never going to happen to us. Little did we know there was some clear signs that we are going to become rich and we have seen this time and time again over the years when helping others achieve their goals?

In the past we have used these signs as a little checklist to see if it’s worth mentoring someone, so grab a pen and paper and let’s see how many you have, let me know in the comments if you check all 7 signs.


“You Don’t Believe That “Money Won’t Fix Your Problems”

There’s nothing worse than someone, Rich saying “money won’t fix your problems”, trust us we have been there. You see we believe there are 2 different types of problems we all face.

First Type-Basic Needs

  • These are things like water, housing, Healthcare and food. Now if you’re facing the first type of problems then the answer to all of these is clear you need to earn more money.
  • Everything you’re stressing about can be solved with more money, when you fix the basic needs your focus shifts onto type 2.

Second Type-Abstract Problems

  • These are things money definitely can’t fix such as love, happiness and fulfillment. for us that’s always been about spending time with our family, enjoying our hobbies, our interests and running a business that we are truly passionate about.

So, you can definitely be broke but happy, you can also be rich but sad. However when you prefer to be rich and happy. The Puppet Masters have brainwashed everyday people into believing that they don’t actually want money or while they trade years of their life work in a job they hate for a tiny salary.

if we see that someone actually buys into the thinking that money isn’t desirable now we can’t see how they’re ever going to make enough to be rich, even when we was completely broke we didn’t ever think this way. If you’re able to ignore all of this then you’re on the right track.

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“You Prioritize Buying Assets When Possible”

When was the last time you thought about buying something and took the time to decide if the item is going to help bring money into your life or drain money away from your life?

We’re constantly living on a seesaw on one side you’ve got fancy cars, designer clothes and unnecessary gadgets on the other side we’ve got rental properties, watches and Stocks by taking advantage of when the economy is on its knees and buying up lots of long-term assets you could easily set yourself up financially for the rest of your life.

The first hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) is the hardest money you’ll ever earn, the truth is that getting your money to work for you and not the other way around is the only way to achieve real long-term wealth.

  • We are sure you’ve heard this before however, we know that sometimes it can feel less scary just letting your money, sit in a savings account rather than invest in it elsewhere, if this is how you feel then “money market funds” might be a good option for you.
  • “Money market funds” normally have better interest rates and savings accounts, while not being as risky as investing in stocks. Instead these money market funds invest in high quality, short-term debt from governments, Banks or corporations.

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“You Don’t Compare Yourself To Others”

Comparing ourselves to others and trying to keep up with their success without fully understanding their situation can cause us to make some silly decisions In the Heat of the Moment.

  • For Example:- let’s take Tiger Woods ,He spent Years Learning and perfecting his skills, he’s now worth millions of dollars, now we love our golf but if we compare our skills to his, we look pretty awful but just because we don’t measure up, doesn’t mean we should stop playing golf.

We shouldn’t get depressed or jealous or resentful because if we put Tiger Woods in charge of our radio control model and design business then we doubt the models would even fly. Comparing yourself to others is literally a shortcut to inaction.

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“When You See An Obstacle, You Overcome It”

Successful people focus on the opportunities rather than the things holding them back. Now it’s one of the best times to start a new side hustle as there are so many different Industries booming online.

Let’s say you have the most amazing business idea that has the potential to make you millions of dollars but you never act on it because too many things are standing in your way.

How much is that idea actually worth to you? Well the answer is absolutely nothing, if you’re not going to work on it. Have you ever chatted with a friend and they say “you know what I’ve got the best business idea in the world” they’re extremely motivated, certain that this will make them richer than Rich itself.

When most people see a problem they say it’s bad luck they quit and they stop trying, when rich people run into problems they might scratch their heads for a while but they don’t give up they strike when they have the most passion and the most motivation.

The longer you leave an idea stuck up here in your head, the longer you’ll have time to convince yourself that it’ll never work so, if you’re the type to just get going and sort the problems as you go then there’s a high chance you’ll become rich.

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“You Know There Is So Much More To Learn”

How many people do you know that, when they have a couple of days off or during the evening spend all their spare time playing video games and watching Netflix We willing to pet quite a few.

look there is nothing wrong with binging a TV series once in a while we are talking about the people that don’t watch or read anything educational, they falsely believe that education stops when you leave school, to be honest these people are extremely arrogant and they don’t know it. They think getting rich is down to luck because they haven’t learned enough to spot the Strategic steps that every self-made millionaire takes.

They would rather critique others and then escape to a fantasy land where they don’t have to think about their problems, but you know what ignoring your problems just makes them bigger and bigger.

The strange thing about learning is that the more we learn, the more we know how much we don’t actually know. It’s about learning things you never knew before and then turn in those newly learned ideas into action in your own life.

Think of life, like a video game. It’s never a bad time to arm yourself so people that read those books and watch educational videos on YouTube are at such an advantage. People will say “you just got lucky”, but the truth is “luck is when opportunity meets preparation” so never stop equipping yourself with the knowledge and prepare yourself to be one of the luckiest people alive.

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“You Spend Time With Winners”

When we spend time with winners, it opened my eyes to the need for multiple passive income streams. this is now more important than ever because if you were to hang out with losers talking negatively about the state of the economy, bad luck, everything’s going wrong, you’ll likely end up doing the same thing.

If however you start hanging around with individuals that are continually talking about success and business opportunities, the chances are it’s going to rub off on you.


“You Have Truckloads Of Confidence”

This is even more important when you have a side hustle or a high paid job because the more confident you can be, the more confident your clients or your team will be in your abilities.

There isn’t much money going around at the moment so the more confident everyone is in your abilities the better you’re going to do. Confidence also allows you to take calculated risks, as you know you can come out the other side with even more.

  • For Example:- let’s say you won half a million dollars on a lottery and other hand your favorite car the “Lamborghini Aventador” now a person with low confidence would probably spend it all on the car, because that’s what they’ve always wanted all their life.
  • As they feel this will give them validation, they’ve dreamed of buying this car and they feel that they’ll never have enough money to be able to afford it ever again, they go out and buy the car.

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A confident person would believe in their ability to make more money and instead of spending it would use it to their advantage. So The Confident person decides to invest every penny so that their wealth grows, maybe in stocks and shares, maybe in a side hustle or maybe in real estate.

if you lacked confidence then you’d have none of your winnings left, all you’d be left with is a depreciating dream car losing money week after week you’d probably be desperate to sell it now that the initial Rush has worn off, whereas if you’re confident from the beginning then you would have all your winnings left plus more from the growth of your Investments using your profits. You could then look to buy a pre-owned Lamborghini Aventador for at least 50% off.

The person with the confidence ends up with everything he ever wanted and more, even though they both started off with the same amount of money.

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