Sun Tzu Quotes

Sun Tzu’s Ancient Life Lessons Men Learn Too Late In Life

  • To Win One Hundred Victories In One Hundred Battles Is Not The Acme Of Skill. To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting Is The Acme Of Skill.
  • There Is No Instance Of A Notion Benefitting From Prolonged Warfare.
  • A Leader Leads By Example Not By Force.
  • To Know Your Enemy, You Must Become Your Enemy.
  • In Making Tactical Dispositions, The Highest Pitch You Can Attain Is To Conceal Them.
  • If You Wait By The River Long Enough, The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By.
  • If The Mind Is Willing, The Flesh Could Go On And On Without Many Things.
  • The Captured Soldiers Should Be Kindly Treated And Kept.
  • Build Your Opponent A Golden Bridge To Retreat Across.
  • Be Where Your Enemy Is Not.

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  • Who Does Not Know The Evils Of War Cannot Appreciate Its Benefits.
  • Attack Is The Secret Of Defense, Defense Is The Planning Of An Attack.
  • If Quick-I Survive, If Not Quick-I Am Lost, This Is ‘Death’.
  • He Will Win Who Knows How To Handle Both Superior And Inferior Forces.
  • Plan For What Is Difficult While It Is Easy, Do What Is Grate While It Is Small.
  • Never Trust A Friend Who Is Silent About Your Flaws.
  • Ponder And Deliberate Before You Make A Move.
  • Even The Finest Sword Plunged Into Salt Water Will Eventually Rust.
  • Move Not Unless You See An Advantage, Use Not Your Troops Unless There Is Something To Be Gained, Fight Not Unless The Position Is Critical.
  • One Need Not Destroy One’s Enemy. One Need Only Destroy His Willingness To Engage.

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  • It Is Easy To Love Your Friend, But Sometimes The Hardest Lesson To Learn Is To Love Your Enemy.
  • Great Results Can Be Achieved With Small Forces.
  • Know Yourself And You Will Win All Battles.
  • If He Sends Reinforcements Everywhere, He Will Be Weak Everywhere.
  • Wheels Of Justice Grind Slow But Grind Fine.
  • Disorder Came From Order, Fear Came From Courage, And Weakness Came From Strength.
  • There Are Not More Than Five Musical Notes, Yet The Combinations Of These Five Give Rise To More Melodies Than Can Ever Be Heard.
  • Strategy Without Tactics Is The Slowest Route To Victory. Tactics Without Strategy Is Noise Before Defeat.
  • In The Midst Of Chaos, There Is Also Opportunity.
  • If You Know The Enemy And Know Yourself, You Need Not Fear The Result Of A Hundred Battles.

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  • Let Your Plans Be Dark And Impenetrable As Night, And When You Move, Fall Like A Thunderbolt.
  • Treat Your Men As You Would Your Own Beloved Sons, And They Will Follow You Into The Deepest Valley.
  • Move Swift As The Wind And Closely-Formed As The Wood, Attack Like A Fire And Be Still As The Mountain.
  • Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized.
  • When The Enemy Is Relaxed, Make Them Toil, When Full, Starve Them. When Settled, Make Them Move.
  • Be Extremely Subtle Even To The Point Of Formlessness. Be Extremely Mysterious Even To The Point Of Soundlessness. Thereby You Can Be The Director Of The Opponent’s Fate.
  • The Whole Secret Lies In Confusion The Enemy, So That He Cannot Fathom Our Real Intent.
  • What The Ancients Called A Clever Fighter Is One Who Not Only Wins, But Excels In Winning With Ease.
  • Ultimate Excellence Lies Not In Winning Every Battle, But In Defeating The Enemy Without Ever Fighting.
  • An Enemy Is A Friend Who Knows Too Much About You.

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  • 41.If Your Friend Is Friends With Your Enemy, It Means That You Should Not Hang Out With This Friend.
  • Victorious Warriors Win First And Then Go To War, While Defeated Warriors Go To War First And Then Seek To Win.
  • Regard Your Soldiers As Your Children, And They Will Follow You Into The Deepest Valleys, Look On Them As Your Own Beloved Sons.
  • Thus The Expert In Battle Moves The Enemy, And Is Not Moved By Him.
  • Rouse Him And Learn The Principle Of His Activity Or Inactivity, Force Him To Reveal Himself, So As To Find Out His Vulnerable Spots.
  • Therefore, Just As Water Retains No Constant Shape, So In Warfare There Are No Constant Conditions.
  • If You Ignore Both, Your Enemy And Yourself, You Are Certain To Be In Peril.
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  • Who Wishes To Fight Must First Count The Cost.
  • Beware Of Sugar That Is Mixed With Poison, Beware Of The Fly That Sat On A Dead Snake.
  • You Can’t Trust A Man, Who Has Nothing To Lose.

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