The Echo (2008)

The Echo (2008) :- Man Thinks It Is A Hole Of Satisfaction

Movie Review :- The Echo (2008)

In the opening scene we are introduced to the protagonist Bobby Reynolds who is seen attending a job interview as usual he is rejected by the employer due to his criminal background it turns out Bobby has served prison time for manslaughter and is currently on probation after being released from Rikers.

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as a result of this he is deemed an outcast and his former friends as well as his neighbors do not want to talk to him Bobby has now moved to an old apartment in East Village New York where his lonely mother lived and died while he was incarcerated upon arrival Bobby takes an elevator to reach his room numbered 519 on the fifth floor during his Passage through the corridor he notices a young girl playing the piano outside room 517 as he enters his room Bobby finds several photographs of his late mother as well as a pillow bearing blood stains this makes him very sad after some time of mourning he starts cleaning up the place in the midst of this he overhears an argument between a couple probably the parents of the young girl in the adjacent room in an attempt to Eaves drop Bobby walks out of his room but he can’t hear well he then continues with the cleaning and comes across a cracked hole in the wall behind a piano curious he tries putting his hand inside strange choice but something Pricks his finger causing him to bleed.

he quickly enters the bathroom to wash up his wound and finds some anti-depression tablets likely belonging to his mother not long after he notices an unidentified person in the opposite apartment Window keeping a watch over his room however Bobby doesn’t react much to this and simply shuts the curtain later that evening Bobby visits a bar to meet his former girlfriend Alysa who works there as a waitress he asks if they can grab a coffee someday but she refuses claiming that she works double shifts plus she doesn’t date man’s slaughterers Bobby then returns back to his apartment with a sad expression on his face.

at midnight he wakes up to a strange sound emanating from the living room as he proceeds to check its source he is startled to witness his mother’s Soul pleading for help but before he can check further she snaps out revealing this to just be a dream the following day he goes to the Houston auto repair shop in hopes of getting a job this time a supportive owner Hector Rodriguez hires him giving him a chance to rebuild his life but he demands his loyalty and even offers to pay lower wages in the beginning when Bobby agrees the owner permits him to join the work from the very next day later on Bobby returns to his apartment and while on the elevator he is joined by a police officer Walter it turns out that Walter is the father of the same little girl from room 517 who often abuses his family maybe Bobby will put his skills to work and manslaughter him that night Bobby once again hears peculiar scraping sounds coming from the floor while investigating he suddenly hears a piano tone and discovers blood on its Keys upon further inspection he discovers some bloody fingernails wrapped in a cloth inside at the piano Bobby then consults the apartment manager showing him the nails and inquiring.

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if someone else had previously stayed there before him however the manager denies any prior occupants and suggests that the nails might belong to Bobby’s mother he also reveals that his mother had locked herself in her apartment for a week prior to her death from the next day onwards Bobby begins working at Hector’s garage however the strange visions and sounds continue to haunt him even during working hours one day after work he goes to meet Alyssa with a coffee while walking down the street Bobby asks if she can give him a second chance and also invites her to visit his apartment it’s really cool my mom died in it I keep finding blood Alysa doesn’t give an answer but she appears to be happy returning home Bobby finds one of his neighbors Joseph trying to listen to something inside his room when Bobby confronts him he reveals that he hears strange sounds emanating from this room Joseph asks if he hears them too but Bobby walks inside without any response.

later on he is washing the dishes when he again then he’s the argument between Walter and his wife Gina he then walks to room 517 door and tries to Eaves drop on their conversation but inadvertently makes a noise alerting Walter as a result Bobby rushes back to his room and shuts the door from inside just before the cop finds him afterwards Bobby is trying to fall asleep on the sofa when he hears another sound from his mother’s closet he proceeds to check and finds the place in a complete mess shortly after he discovers a cassette that contains some Screaming sounds of his mother before her death this leaves him deeply unsettled maybe she was just recording vocals for her upcoming metal Banger in the morning Bobby heads down to the apartment basement for laundry on the way he feels a strong presence of someone tailing him the washing machine also activates on its own without inserting any coin leaving him puzzled meanwhile Alyssa arrives at the apartment and walks straight towards Bobby’s room.

finding the door open she enters it and Witnesses the same unidentified individual watching from the opposite apartment just then a creepy hand appears behind Alyssa’s shoulder but it inexplicably vanishes as soon as Bobby walks in the two then have some conversation over dinner during which Bobby shares about how his mother died they chat for hours and Alyssa finally departs but not before giving him a kiss all this creepy stuff is Thoroughly turning her on in the next scene Bobby again hears another argument from room 517 this time he decides to intervene so he bangs on the door and asks Gina if she is okay he also offers to help if necessary however Walter comes out and warns him to mind his own dang old business the next day Alyssa comes to visit his boyfriend at his apartments and sees Gina tapping at his door misinterpreting the situation she angrily leaves the place later that evening Bobby is again disturbed by the sound of violence next door determined to take action he walks out of his room only to find Carly standing in front of his door.

he invites her in and asks about the problem but the frightened little girl remains silent she is clearly abused by her Father which is evident by the bruises on her body as a last option Bobby calls the police on Walter reporting about the physical violence while he is on the call Carly runs back to her room for some reason a short while later the police arrive at the scene and break into room 517 in an unexpected turn of events the room is revealed to be empty as if nobody has lived there for several years the officers deduced that Bobby has some mental issues so they give him a warning before leaving after this a perplexed Bobby goes to the apartment manager and inquires about the tenant of room 517 surprisingly the latter also says that no one lives in that room now Bobby begins to doubt his sanity in addition he continues to hear and hallucinate things that are not there Alyssa is going to love this elsewhere Alyssa is at her College talking to her friend about Bobby here she admits that he went to jail because of her turns out the pair had attended a party where a stranger approached her and began to assault her upon witnessing it Bobby punched him repeatedly in the face ultimately resulting in manslaughter one day while working in the garage Bobby is startled when he experiences some blood dropping on his face.

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he frantically rushes to the bathroom but by this time the blood has mysteriously disappeared Hector notices his unusual reaction and suggests that he take a day off meanwhile in the apartment Joseph is seen preparing dinner but his attention seems to be somewhere else shortly after he goes to take out some trash when a hand emerges from the bin and grabs him frightened Joseph runs back to his room and locks the door at the same time he hears a knock on the door and upon peeping through the hole he Witnesses a ghostly figure of a woman asking him to open the door in a state of panic Joseph locks himself inside the bathroom however he’s still not safe as the ghost walks inside with this face to face encounter Joseph becomes so scared that he succumbs to his fear did he die or did he mely nearly poop himself the following morning a detective shows up at Bobby’s place and asks some questions about Joseph Bobby due to his criminal history becomes the prime suspect in this death case later at work he learns that a car has been stolen from their garage hack there has his suspicions about Bobby so he asks him to return the car within an hour or else he’ll call the police our hero is greatly disappointed by this accusation so he leaves saying he’s innocent as the time passes by the ghosts of Gina and Carly continue haunting other individuals who have connections with Bobby and the apartment building in one instance Alysa is at her designing class when she sees Carly’s ghost in one of her mannequins terrified.

she rushes to the bathroom but the ghost haunts her there as well on the other hand Hector finds out that the car was mistakenly towed Away by the authorities this makes him regret his earlier actions so he decides to go to Bobby’s apartment to apologize as he gets in the elevator he finds Carly playing with the elevator buttons he tries to talk to her but she runs away Hector follows the little girl to room 517 where he’s greeted by a grim sight the lifeless body of Carly panicked he proceeds to call 911 but at the same time the little girl slowly gets up the sight scares his heart out prompting him to run for his life but he doesn’t get far as he falls off the stairs leading to his tragic demise that’s what happens when you accuse My Boy Bobby a short while later Bobby arrives home and experiences several visions of Carly walking inside his room and playing on his bed disturbed by these apparitions.

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Bobby walks out to interrogate other tenants about the same one of the elderly men then reveals a dark history years ago Walter discovered his wife along with their daughter attempting to leave him this enraged him so much that he violently assaulted them poor Gina banged each and every door of the tenants for help but no one was willing to intervene including Bobby’s mother as a result Walter beat his wife to death and dumped his daughter’s body down the garbage shoot before gunning down himself since then the ghosts of the family have been haunting the apartment and killing everyone who refused to help them in need meanwhile a frightened Alyssa arrives at the apartment looking for Bobby but doesn’t find him in his room she then knocks on room 517 to inquire about his whereabouts but finds the door open as she enters she comes across the ghost of Walter who starts attacking her brutally just like he did to his wife shortly.

after Bobby returns to his room and hears Alysa’s scamming voice he breaks into room 517 and discovers her in a severely wounded State worried he rushes her back to his room and tense to her wounds amidst this Bobby hears the violent confrontation between Walter and Gina again he walks out and Witnesses the scene transpiring exactly how the old man described it but this time Bobby doesn’t let the entire scene play out he intervenes just as Walter is about to deliver the final blow to Gina this distraction allows her to snatch Walter’s night stick and beat him up until he dies eyes in the aftermath Gina looks back at Bobby with appreciation after which the spirits of the mother and daughter find peace and finally disappear and I thought Billy clubs were Silly before with the ghosts now gone Bobby goes back to Alysa and calls for an ambulance to help her.

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