7 Common Mistakes-Students Make Every Year

7 Common Mistakes-Students Make Every Year

Last years, we did the survey with graduated students, whom are graduated from the top best university and we collect the tons of advice from them, which are very-very useful for any types of student’s.

In this article- we would talk about the 7 common mistakes that every students made at every year and our goal in this article is that if even one of the student/reader reading this article and manages to avoid any one of these 7 common mistakes then this article will have been worth making.

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Mistake 1:- Not Learning How To Learn

There are very well documented, science-backed and evidence-based of studying, learning, understanding and revising for your exams and if you haven’t yet taken the time to learn how to learn you are profoundly shooting yourself in the foot.

We wish this idea was taught in school, college and University but generally, they tend not to have a class on how to study or how to learn. It’s the sort of thing you either have to learn yourself or more likely you just do what you see other people doing and you think that’s the only way of learning.

Some Of The Useful Strategies

  • Things like rereading, highlighting, underlining and making notes with the textbook are actually suboptimal ways of studying for exams.
  • Also the things like active recall, spaced repetition, interleaving and categorizing actually helps you to perform better for your exams.

If you just learn a few of this strategies you will save absolutely gallons and gallons of time which you may utilize in other valuable aspect of your life.

Mistake 2:- Thinking Of Studying As A Single Player Game

Many Students feel absolutely miserable when they are studying they either hate their subject or they like the subject but they don’t like studying or they like the subject but they do like studying and they can’t focus or any combination of all these.

Those students who absolutely hate studying are the ones who are doing it on their own for some reason. There is the myth that the ideal way to focus is to lock yourself in your bedroom or in a library by yourself and just like focus on the thing.

If you found studying on your own to be boring or draining or de-energizing or just a freaking nightmare then you are falling into the Trap of thinking of studying as a single player game.

Some Of The Ideal Way Of Reading

  • When you read with friends you can profoundly transform your experience of school or college or university by treating studying as a multiplayer game where you and your friends are working together to tackle the final boss which is the exam.
  • Your friends don’t even have to read the same subject. Set up a group where like 7 to 8 of your friends go to the different libraries and 3 to 4 days in a week maybe like 5 to seven people gather at one place and apply the Pomodoro Technique (someone would set a timer for 25 minutes then study for 25 minutes and then 3 of them would take a 5 minute break and repeat this process.) to prepare for the exams.
  • Bunch of studies showed that the better use of relational energy, that means get energy from the people around us. So, reading on positive team or group will help you to more focus on your study.

If you are struggling with learning, studying and revising your books then, you are playing a game as a single player. so consider to organizing a study group, getting some people together and you’ll almost certainly find that it’s a way of more fun and way more energizing during studying.

Mistake 3:- Cramming For Deadlines

Cramming is absolutely shafting yourself across all of the different domains of life and often students have this weird thing. The goal of schooling is to understand to learn and have the knowledge about the world and you don’t get that knowledge from cramming for an exam.

We tend not to enjoy the things that we feel rather than we have to do and if you feel like you have to cram for an exam just because you’re going to get some grade that’s basing your entire student career.

The way that you approach it makes an enormous difference to your own happiness and fulfillment and also to your productivity and efficiency when it comes to studying.

A little bit of studying every day is way more efficient and way more effective than trying to cram before the exam.

  • Because it helps memory and understanding and therefore you are more likely to get better grades in the exam.
  • It’s is more likely to stick in your memory over the long term and that benefits your entire life.

If you have an exam coming up imminently, cramming is still better than nothing but for next time it’s generally way less stressful to actually do a little bit of revision every day so that you can have a more chill and more relaxed and more pleasant experience of student life rather than it being chasing your tail all the time that you get with cramming.

Mistake 4:- Narrow Their Career Choices Based On What Their Degree

We actually got this idea from Professor Cal Newport’s. What he says is that often when students are thinking about what job they want to do in the future, they’ll sort of narrow their options based on their degree.

For Example:-If you do a degree in economics then you’ll think either be a banker or a huge fund person or a private Equity person or a consultant or accountant or something others.

Instead of thinking what job can you do with your degree you might think that the sort of your life that you want to have and then you reverse engineer what kind of career you want to have based on the life that you think you want.

Ask Yourself

  • What does your dream life look like?
  • What does your ideal week/day look like?
  • What sort of work would you like to be doing?
  • When would you like to come home, where would you like to live and how long do you want your commute to be?
  • What sort of people would you like to work with?

Based on this above questions you can start making more intelligent choices about your careers that match that kind of Life aspiration you have rather than limiting yourself based on your degree.

It is worth considering however young you are what kind of life that you think you want and then once you’ve done that you can figure out what are the career choices that might Vibe with that life and then that you think you want and you’re probably going to change your mind for better choice of degree for your good life.

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Mistake 5:-Squandering Enormous Amount Of Free Time At School

If you currently think that you don’t have much time then learning about time management and productivity is super helpful. It’s the same thing that we talked about above mistakes.

  • When you learn how to study more effectively you’re getting more bang for your buck out of every hour that you put in and therefore you have way more spare time.
  • You can learn skills and you can level up your own abilities in a way that will gel with anything that you want to do in the future.

For Example: – When you was in school/college/university you may taught yourself like web design and web development and those skills came in super handy even in your future career which you wouldn’t think they would but those skills were ultimately what allowed you to create a successful career.

So if you care about building a life that you truly love and you care about potentially having the autonomy and freedom to do your own thing someday and maybe not just have a traditional job a lot of that stems from the skills that you have learned and you tend not to learn those skills in school or university you tend to learn them on your own.

If you’re looking for a great resource for learning new skills then you might like to check out Skillshare

Mistake 6:-Not Realizing How Valuable Your Health Is

When you start laying the foundation for the healthy habits that are going to take you forward for the rest of your life.

When our team spoken to a bunch of stupidly successful and like ridiculously Rich entrepreneurs some of them are like 100 millionaires, some of them are billionaires and we often like to ask them for Life advice and one of the things they all say “ I wish I had taken my health more seriously when I was younger”.

To be honest when you have all the money in the world but your health is absolutely crap you cannot actually enjoy the money that you’ve got.

We also say that devoting half an hour a day to your health is going to be a habit that pays off forever so start to working on healthy habits when you’re young rather than having to build that habit when you have a full-time job, so during job time it’s harder to do.

Mistake 7:-Having A Rigid Mindset About Life And Career

A lot of students will have linear thinking like, “I just need to focus on my exams, grades, levels and then I just need to focus on getting into University”. It’s almost like you’re sort of thinking of life as this kind of one step after the other.

But what you realize after graduating from University. There’s actually the world of possibilities even when you was in school and University. You just didn’t take advantage of those because you just followed one specific linear path.

The cure of this is to have a bit of an experimental mindset when it comes to your career and your life.

  • Every experiment that you run on yourself gives you data about where you really want to go.
  • Expand your scope of the things that you’re actually getting up to and I think having an experimental mindset and thinking of trying new things as an experiment rather than as like the serious thing that if you fail it’s going to look bad on your CV.
  • This can often be a hard thing to do depending on what your parents are like because parents and teachers are often way more risk of us.

For Example: – The point of learning how to make websites is not so that it looks good on your CV, it’s an experiment to see if you enjoy the thing and is a good skill to have generally for life and you would attribute a lot of your Success in life to the fact that you learned how to design websites when you was in school. So broadly consider taking an experimental approach to your career in your life.

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If you read this article about the Common Mistakes that Students Make Every Year. You may start to apply this useful ideas on your life to make your life better in future. If you want more successful in your life then read our other helpful articles.

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