MrBeast Best Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

7 Best MrBeast Tips To Grow On YouTube In 2024

We are just watched and analyzed MrBeast about his latest tips for growing on YouTube right now with all the recent changes to the platform so, In this article-We are going to break down what we talked about on and off stage as well as what we have learned from 5 years working inside YouTube. We also interviewing top creators to share the 7 best MrBeast tips we have used to see a massive jump On YouTube Channel.

We all try MrBeast and top creators best tips. We are generally shocked why other YouTube Creators aren’t talking about this 7 best MrBeast tips to grow on YouTube in 2024.

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Step-01:-Limit Your Lamborghinis

We will explain what that means in a second but it comes from this fascinating moment from my interview with MrBeast. Basically MrBeast showed all internal drafts that it took to go from an initial idea to a final thumbnail.

Limit Your
Limit Your
  • Elaboration Of Above Image:- In the real world 6 Lamborghinis are better (see at top middle of left image) than one (see at right image), But in a YouTube thumbnail less is more.

Some MrBeast Best Tips

  • To make your thumbnail better shrink thumbnail through your Photoshop, Canvas or whatever software you’re using to design your thumbnail down to 18% which helps you identify what a viewer will actually see especially on mobile.
Some MrBeast Best
Limit Your
Some MrBeast Best
  • Elaboration Of Above Image:-Most times you should have 3 elements or less in your thumbnails just like MrBest. So that could be a face, car and castle (first image) or face, train and pit (second image) or face, money and safe (third image), which are as shown in above image.

When This Image Zoom Down To 18 % (3 Elements Can’t See Clearly)

Limit Your

When This Image Zoom Down To 18%(3 Elements Can See Clearly)

  • Elaboration Of Above Image:-If you zoom you thumbnail down to 18% you can’t see the 3 elements clearly and there’s way too many Lamborghinis stuffed in there as shown in above image. Which means this type of thumbnail can’t be suitable on mobile devices so by looking at it at a smaller scale you can make better decisions on what to cut keep or enlarge as better example shown in above left image.

Step-02:- Look Off YouTube To Succeed On YouTube

We Are not saying you should not study other You Tubers but if that’s all you do and you dismiss content from Hollywood because it’s too traditional then you’re losing out on so many ideas that could set you apart.

We are shocked to learn that actually the thumbnail idea for MrBeast video was actually sparked from his team watching a scene from an Apple TV show called Severance.

MrBeast Thumbnail Selection Strategy

  • Elaboration Of Above Image:-Among this above thumbnail Ideas final thumbnail actually worked pretty well because it was kind of nice, usually this thumbnails have MrBeast face in left side looking for survival. This thumbnail Contain the Day 94 in 100 Days Challenge. Which makes people to click on his videos. Every thumbnail will not to be the exact same which means you can attract good audience with different attractive thumbnail.
  • MrBeast grape this types of ideas by watching severance movie.

If You Think About To Makes Perfect Thumbnail

On every Hollywood Movies, there’s a Director of Photography whose entire job is to create a stunning shot that tells a story just like we saw in Severance. Graphic designers who spend their careers making Billboards and posters to catch your attention in a nanosecond while you’re speeding on the highways and this even goes beyond thumbnails.

If You Think About To Makes Perfect
If You Think About To Makes Perfect
  • Elaboration Of Above Image:- By analyze above strategy you may look for three things different TV shows, Billboards and Movie Posters to make the better thumbnail. Some of this above image ideas helps you to create your unique thumbnails.
  • Elaboration Of Above Image:-For actual video-formats, think about what creators like Airrack’s and Sidmen’s They’re really just grab the ideas from Hollywood Big Brother TV Shows” And “MTV’s Next Shows” And re-creating the similar types of personal YouTube content in high quality.

Basically what I’m saying is study traditional media, past and present because there’s so much opportunity to apply to YouTube before others catch on.

Step-03:- Be Smarter About You Tube’s New Linking Feature

This is a hot take but we think nearly everyone is oversimplifying YouTube’s recent update which lets you link your shorts to other videos because there’s so much more you can do with it.

Here are two ideas which I like to call the flood method and the short to short method.

The Flood Method

It means you take every single one of your shorts and have them linked to your most recent long form YouTube video even if it’s unrelated meaning you flood one long form with your shorts and then when you put out another long form video you change all the links on your shorts to flood to that one.

The Flood
  • Elaboration Of Above Image:- MrBeast has been applying this flood method on his videos. If you pay close attention on MrBest YouTube videos and shorts then you clearly see that the links of all shorts are redirected to the same long form most recent upload video and then when he uploads a new long form video then all those links will change.

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The Short To Short

It is exactly what it sounds like because most people use this tool. You can also link your short to another short, which every best YouTube creators would do with every single short on their channel especially if shorts are part of a series.

The Short To Short

Series 1-Shorts

The Short To Short

Series 2-Shorts (Link With Series 1- Shorts)

The Short To Short

Series 3- Shorts (Link with Series 1 And 2- Shorts)

Series 4- Shorts (Link with Series 1, 2 And 3-Shorts)

Elaboration Of Above Image: – For a series video called MrBeast vs. T-Series vs. PewDiePie where if you ask people who is more famous at the end of each video then you link or redirect that first shorts to the next shorts so we linked all those shorts together now.

Step-04:- Clip Before You Get Clipped

To explain that here’s a quick idea.

Clip Before You Get

Elaboration Of Above Image: – When onallinone (one of the YouTube channel) Clip MrBeast Shorts into its shorts then 16 million views are redirected/Divided to 6 million views and at the end onallinone got 1 million views until and before YouTube made an new update in 2024 in future. This means.

  • People are taking your long form videos and turning them into their shorts.
  • Then you could have got a lot of views and linked right to your own video because, this new feature only lets you link your shorts to your own videos not to other channels
  • So even if people clip your content and they want to drive views to you as a source they can’t so you really have to beat them to it.

Now You May Be Thinking To Edit A Bunch Of Shorts From Your Long Videos

There’s a lot of great AI tools out there and one that my team loves is Opus clip because you could simply enter your long form video link and boom Opus generates a bunch of Clips with your style subtitles, suggested headline, description and even ranks them with a virality score so you can prioritize which ones to post.

Bottom line is you got to clip your long videos before others clip them for you because you never know when one of those clips get 16 million views and you could have brought even a portion of those views back to your channel which could have been massive.

Step-05:-Use Trending Music

The next tip is to use better music. We know this one sounds simple but if there’s one thing you’ve probably seen across top creators channel then you will find that top creators usually use right music and sounds.

You will choose those music which must be protected from demonetization and copyright strikes. We are talking about huge chart topping tracks from artists like Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Oliver Tree, Cardi-B.

It’s a great way to use trending songs and focus music which your audience already knows and loves and it helps your videos just feel much more familiar to newer audience.

Step-06:- Use T- Sheets To Brainstorm Videos

MrBeast talked about how he’s hired storyboard artists to draw his ideas out, But we want to talk about how we could do that even if we can’t hire or have the budget.

Learn From Zach King

  • We learn from Zach King who explained this amazingly simple tool called T- Sheets that helped him grow to 20 million subscribers. It’s a way to quickly visualize your ideas and share with others for specific feedback.
Learn From Zach
Learn From Zach
  • Elaboration Of Above Image: – According to Zach King, With a “T” written across on paper and then you’ve got an concept of text on one side(Write) and a picture on the other side(Draw) and a title on the top(Headline)”. That’s just to help all kinds of Learners when you have a team who read, visualize and help you to get an idea of what you see, like an image and you get the concept. This concept makes an ideas little easier and then you come up with that memorable Topline title.
  • Elaboration Of Above Image: -Zach King has his team to vote on their favorite T- Sheets to turn an ideas into videos which makes it so much easier to make final thought about videos. After selection the best T-Sheets then voted team will talk about their ideas and generalities best videos for YouTube.
  • With this types of T-Sheets concept you can easily make a different videos, shorts, pictures and thumbnail to upload different internet platform to gain more subscribers, follower’s and likes.

If you don’t have a team don’t worry you can do this with your room-mates or family members. The point is, this types of an idea makes you so much easier to make best YouTube videos and shorts.

Step-07:- Prepare For A Potential “Link-Apocalypse”

  • Some part of YouTube’s recent update is a “removal of hyperlinks” in shorts, so no more links to external sites outside affiliate links and so forth instead we now have that linking feature in shorts that we discuss above and YouTube is giving you more prominent links on your channel page where you can link up to 14 links customize the titles.
  • Now we got to say this actually seems like a decent trade for us as best creators but the big question is this could this lead to a link apocalypse where YouTube bans external links on long form too and what’s the most extreme case scenario here and how should we prepare.
  • Elon Musk said on his twitter or X we will remove accounts that promote other social media platforms and content that contain links or usernames for the following platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post.”
  • Elon Musk said is pretty harsh but it actually makes business sense for platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to not play nice and to not link to one another. We mean do you ever wonder why putting a YouTube link in your Instagram stories leads to the crappy mobile web experience opening up instead of bringing you right to YouTube’s app it’s the same thinking we mean apps don’t want to donate traffic to one another. Since, Elon Musk tweets and YouTube’s updates are just accelerating.

This is so if you would Sprint these next few months to diversify your traffic and that’s actually why you have to start your own investment platform where you can easily link your content from one to another.

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All right if you found these 7 best MrBeast Tips helpful it means a lot for us. We regularly update above content based on new update on YouTube, so you may regularly visit our website to make your YouTube videos more meaningful and get more subscribers, followers and likes on your channel as same as top creators do.

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