How To Planting, Growing And Harvesting Sugarcane

How To Planting, Growing And Harvesting Sugarcane In Your Home Garden

Sugarcane is one of the most interesting plants you can grow in your garden. Once you harvest sugar cane, you can eat it raw or juice it to make fresh sugar cane juice. In this article, we give you some of the very handy 6 tips to grow sugar cane from planting to harvest.

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Tip No. 01-Planting

Planting Sugarcane Vertical

  • To propagate and grow sugar cane, you’ll need to start with the cane first, you can usually get canes to start a sugar cane plant at your local farmers market or from a fellow Gardener who is growing it.
  • You can see nodes on sugar can up close, which are the nodes that will send out shoots, once the cane has been planted.
  • Take a container with a sandy loam soil, sugarcane loves growing in sandy loam. Sandy loam is soil that has at least 50 % of sand you can fill in the rest with pumice, peat moss and compost.
  • Now you have planted a first sugar cane, you can see the nodes are pointing up, which is very important as these will become the new stems for the plant and send out more canes as you will soon see.
  • Sugarcane grows best in moderate a few days you will see the nodes sending out shoots, all you need to do now is keep the plant well watered.
  • Then you can see shoots are growing well, now at this stage a good all-purpose, liquid fertilizer will cause the plant to grow vigorously. You can see how the leaves are a little yellow and that is due to the lack of nutrients but adding fertilizer solves this problem.

Planting Sugarcane Horizontal

  • This technique can be used even if you have only one growing node, most of the farmers and Commercial Growers use this technique of laying the sugarcane flat under the soil.

Tip No. 02-Transplanting And Growing

  • In a few days shoots are start growing. At this stage you can transplant your sugar cane seedling in the ground which is recommended.
  • Sugarcane does grow into a very big plant, so keep at least a 3 foot by 3 foot area for the plant to grow well. Growing sugarcane in a container can be done but is not recommended.
  • Make sure you choose a pot that gets plenty of Sun which is very important for growing sugarcane. This sugar cane plant was growing in a sandy loam soil, so it will come out easily and as long as you have some soil along with the roots this will transplant easily.
  • So all we are doing is adding back some of the soil from the container and then plant your sugar cane seedling.

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Tip No. 03-Watering

Remember that sugarcane needs plenty of water. It’s a big plant and to produce enough juice you will need to water it a lot.

green stem variety are will remove from this container and once again you can see how well it has rooted in the sandy loam soil that it was planted in. you can also see the drip line which will water this sugar cane plant on a regular basis.

We will make sure the planting hole is enough for this plant and then go ahead and plant it. You can also add some fertilizer like, Stewart manure or chicken manure during planting.

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Tip No. 04-Fertilizing

  • Sugarcane is a heavy feeder and you will need to add fertilizers and amendments. I recommend adding steer manure or chicken manure during planting and also side dressing the plant every 3 months or so.
  • A good all-purpose fertilizer should be added till month 8 or so and this is when the sugar cane plant starts maturing and starts producing the sweet juice inside it.
  • You can see how quickly the plant has grown into a really tall and nice plant with lots of sugar canes. Spot is also nice and sunny which boosts the growth of the sugar cane plant.
  • Remember that sugar cane grows best in subtropical or tropical weather.

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Tip No. 05-Pest Problems

Ants are a common problem on sugarcane plants, we usually just hose them down with water. We haven’t seen sugar cane being affected with any other pests as it’s a very Hardy plant.

It takes a long time for the sugar cane plant to grow anywhere from 10 months up to a year, when the leaves become dry and yellow you can start harvesting your sugar canes.

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Tip No. 06-Harvesting

Each cane comes off the plant. You can use sharp pruners to cut the stems and these stems are very thick.

They can even be snapped off the base of the plant. You can even leave some of the smaller canes to continue growing after you harvest the larger canes.

  • Now finally, you can harvesting the sugarcane, which are amazing. Cut the long canes into more manageable pieces as you can see the canes look amazing and you can eat them as is if you have strong teeth or you can extract fresh sugar cane juice from them, add some lime and ginger for a very refreshing drink.
  • This are our tips for growing sugarcane in your home Garden if you like this article then share it to your friends and family. Happy gardening, Thank You.

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