Monster Run (Guai Wu Xian Sheng)

Monster Run (Guai Wu Xian Sheng) : – These Monster Hunters Have No Idea What They Are Against Up

Movie Review :- Monster Run (Guai Wu Xian Sheng)

The film Begins by introducing a woman named jimo she was a bit different from other women her age because she could see invisible monsters her own mother thought she a mental problem and made her see a psychiatrist goo pretended to agree with the doctor just to get out of there even though she knew the monsters were real to make a living jimo got a job at supermarket.

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It was tough but she worked hard to show her mother that she was just like anyone else one night a senior cashier found things scattered around and jimo knew it was a monsters doing but since only she could see the monster. she got blamed and punished that very night a guy named Meng came to the supermarket where jimo worked he claimed to be a Monster Hunter and said he catch one of the monsters there first Meng sent out his partner paper who was a paper monster to find where the monster was after locating the ice monster a meng saved some employees who were frozen by the monster and set a trap Paper was supposed to lure the monster into the Trap but his attempts didn’t work instead the monster kept going after goo causing a big mess finally paper had to reveal his true form which could blend with anything made of paper even though it seemed like paper and Meng’s efforts were in vain they eventually managed to get the monster into the Trap.

unfortunately a carving mistake made by meng allowed the monster to escape but meng had another trick ready he bravely jumped onto the monster’s head and seal it to stop the chaos after successfully trapping the monster in a crystal jimo realized that the monsters she saw were real Not Just In Her Imagination there were others who could see them too as meng and paper were getting ready to leave for another Monster Hunt the crystal accidentally fell from Lan’s bag jimo noticing it tried to take a peek Inside by accident she found herself in a different place this alerted someone named Lotus who claimed she had been searching for jimo.

Lotus sent some monsters to capture on the other hand Meng and paper hadn’t noticed that the crystal was gone paper noticed that the earlier monster was very interested in goo but Meng didn’t pay much attention and decided to continue his journey to sell the monster Crystal the following night jimo got kicked out of her rented room after a co-worker from the supermarket accuse her on the news they said she was a crazy girl who wrecked the place when asked to hand out brochures it left jimo with no choice but to try contacting her mom again but her mom ignored her calls and texts this brought back sad memories from goo’s childhood even though she’d been seeing monsters since she was a kid her own mom thought she was crazy her mom ended up leaving her on her own but jimo never stopped missing her meanwhile a girl named Charlene showed up looking to buy Monster crystals.

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she had come all the way to Meng’s house to get the ice monster Crystal however things didn’t go as planned during the deal Charlene also talked briefly about the ice Monster’s power to open gateways at the same time jimo was out searching for a new place to stay when she ran into a lizard monster sent by lotus to capture her Meng with his monster detecting radar sensed the monster’s presence both of them hurried to the spot just in the nick of time right before two monsters were about to devour jimo these monsters Meng face were pretty smart they called in another lizard monster to Chase jimo and trap them inside a house Meng led jimo to escape through a window to another house but she accidentally fell making the lizard monsters aware of their presence around the same time.

a bunch of Monster Hunters showed up and quickly took care of the lizard monsters they save meng and jimo but they warned meng not to come back to their territory or they deal with him before meng and paper left jimo gave the ice monster Crystal Tong jimo also shared that she didn’t have a place to stay since getting kicked out of her room her mom even sent her to a mental hospital because she saw monsters since escaping she had been trying hard to fit in and live a regular life but nothing had changed until she met paper and mon who made her realize she wasn’t alone on the other side of things Lotus was making a deal with spade a monster hunter to capture jimo who was currently with meng Spade learned that jimo could control monsters and if he got her before the Gateway opened he could get the red Crystal left by Jang Meng’s older brother and become the top Monster Hunter.

the following morning Meng took jimo to meet Uncle pink who had already expected goo’s visit they went to a secret room without delay Uncle pink then revealed his true form which turned out to be a half-human half lion monster he explained that he could see monster forms since childhood Uncle pink talked about how humans and monsters natures and Powers were connected and how they Balance the universe Some Humans could see monsters and this led to Hunters who wanted to send monsters back to their world using crystals jimo on the other hand wasn’t meant to be a hunter.

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she was born to be the guardian of the border gate between the two worlds goo had a unique connection to monsters with Limitless powers to attract and control them in the next 3 days when the border gate would open jimo would fulfill her Destiny as the new Guardian this was what tiring had talked about to Meng and what Lotus was after Lotus the current Guardian would lose her powers when jimo replaced her so she planned to capture jimo to stay the guardian forever Uncle pink who was familiar with lotus’ cruelty whenever a new Guardian came along got ready with with special spells for jimo to use on someone she trusted to fulfill her role jimo felt that Meng was the only person she could trust so she didn’t hesitate to use the spell on him Uncle pink then told moan to take jimo to a safe place and use the spell to protect them from any monsters sent by lotus for the next 3 days however when Meng was about to secure jimo and his home their car got trapped in a dimensional spell causing them to be stuck in a Time Loop to make things worse an attack happened shocking meng and jimo had to take the wheel but there situation didn’t get any better as jimo tried to break free from the dimensional spell which kept going back to the state of 10 seconds ago while paper tried to remove the spell from the car but there was another problem from behind a fire Triceratops monster controlled by Spades started chasing them.

luckily jimo unintentionally Unleashed her powers causing the monster to collapse on the road seizing the moment paper and meng launched a surprise attack they fired at spade and rushed to a nearby house hoping it would be a safe place once inside M quickly used a protective spell this spell erased jimo’s presence and transported them to another dimension for the next 3 days jimo would be save here considering M’s home is her own the following day jimo woke up and noticed several soothing spells around her paper explained that meng had noticed jimo was uneasy while she slept paper also revealed that meng had been living alone all this time paper was the only life spell left behind by Jen for his younger brother since he was a child M had yearned to compete with Jen in the world of monster hunting but his skills weren’t quite there yet after tidying up paper told jimo that when meng felt sad he would go into a painting to connect with his late brother but it was all just a way for M to remember his brother and the Happy Times They had when they were young felt so real they used to have fun together but all of that changed after jien passed away these recent memories prompted meng to teach jimo the importance of gratitude even though she still didn’t know where her mother was the news that her mother was alive was something to be thankful for by accident jimo dropped the ice monster Crystal into the water setting the ice monster free however jimo could now control her powers as the guardian and she could easily manage the monster shortly after that jimo got a call from an unknown number along with the sacred spell that seemed to weaken after she answered.

the caller informed jimo that her mother was in the hospital and in critical condition then paper reminded her that it could all be a trap but goo’s Panic made her summon a labyrith monster a creature that could transport them across dimensions after getting everything ready goo meng and paper entered the Labyrinth Monster’s body and began navigating through its corridors sadly it turned out to be a roost by lotus to lure jimo out using her mother M and paper found themselves trapped in a dimensional spell for the second time and the room where jimo and her mother had disappeared was nowhere in sight M sent paper to find an Escape Route while he sat out to locate jimo at that moment jimo was in direct conversation with lotus lotus disclosed to jimo that the monster that had followed her since childhood was an emotion sucking creature whenever goo felt threatened this monster would drain her mother’s emotions until she lost her sanity enraged by this truth jimo suddenly Unleashed immense power causing the monster to spread further meanwhile in another location Spade thinking that meng was helpless decided to leave him to suffer and die however this presented a golden opportunity for paper he still able to move part of his body sought help from Uncle pink Uncle pink promptly brought meng back home and revived him he then attached paper’s remaining body to Meng’s left arm Lotus who had now brought jimo to the gate.

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swiftly began a ritual to take the power from jimo’s body but before the ritual could complete jimo reached out to meng using the blood spell she had previously applied to him and sent the Labyrinth monster to fetch him Jos sent sm’s presence and halted the ritual however Lotus continued to provoked jimo by recounting her troubled childhood and insisting that jimo’s existence in this world would only bring suffering to those around her while M was waiting for J Mo before their meeting he had to confront Spade who was waiting to fulfill their agreement with lotus to obtain the red Crystal their battle was inevitable in this situation in the human world Uncle pink rallied all the hunters to join forces and confront the monsters currently under lotus’ control she had successfully deceived jimo earlier and completed the ritual causing the monsters to grow in size the hunters including Charlene struggled to deal with these enlarged monsters and many of them suffered severe injuries.

meanwhile meng and Spade locked in combat eventually discovered the location of the red Crystal they both fought to the first to reach it initially spay believed he had touched the red Crystal first but he didn’t realize that the remaining part of paper’s body which had merged with mums had made contact with it first as a result M gained all the powers of the red Crystal which was Jen’s Legacy after successfully defeating spade and reducing him to the smallest part M quickly searched for jimo who was now unconscious suddenly lotus’s power attacked meng but luckily the red Crystal’s power managed to overcome lotus’s Darkness even though it didn’t last long in his final moments meng decided to combine the power of the red Crystal and the ice monster Crystal to enter jimo’s Consciousness using a dimensional spell he reached jimo in the past thankfully these efforts succeeded in Awakening jimo with the trust and strength she had given to meng along with the power of the ice monster and the love of the people they both cared about jimo finally defeated the darkness within lotus lotus a downfall also saved the hunters from the monsters everything jimo did was to have a regular life even though her mother was influenced by the monsters and left her jimo never stopped caring about her.

In the end jimo was able to show her true feelings and live the normal life she had dreamed of with her loved ones. Moral lesson from the story sometimes the problems in our lives are real and it takes unexpected friendships and inner strength to overcome them and remember always stay true to your feelings even if others doubt you.

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